5. A Lexicon for Unoriginal Strategies

A Lexicon for Unoriginal Strategies is a self-published collection of twentyfive  keywords relating to unoriginality and copying, designed in the shape of a sticker-book of collectible figures. Defining ‘unoriginality’ and the terminology surrounding piracy and copying is not an easy job. 



6. Appunti per un Testo sulla Fine del Mondo

Appunti is a theatre play written by Italian dramaturg Davide Pascarella June 2022 has seen a first setting-up of the play at the Piccolo Teatro Bellini in Naples, with the direction of Davide Pascarella, the assistance of Claudia Manuelli and the costumes curated by Maria Spadoni Battistoni.

Costume Design


7. Can We Trust the Words that Fashion Media Uses to Talk about Fashion Objects?

In this article, Maria Spadoni Battistoni explores ︎︎︎wordsonfashionwebsites.com and reflects on the disconnection between the words that describe a fashion object and the object itself. The article was published in September 2022 on the Fashion Studies Journal.