Can we Trust the Words that Fashion Media Uses to Talk about Fashion Objects?

article, 2022

Mainstream fashion media writes about objects, events, garments, people, and initiatives, assigning them a “newness” over 19 million times every day. I simply wonder: is it really plausible that every single thing the word “new” has been used to refer to really lives up to such assigned “newness”? Or is it that the word “new” has lost its meaning, and the value it refers to, along the way?  What does this say about the way that text and words are used in fashion media?

In this article, Maria Spadoni Battistoni explores ︎︎︎ and reflects on the disconnection between the words that describe a fashion object and the object itself. 

The article was published in September 2022 in the Fashion and Digital Engagement Issue, curated by Chinouk Filique de la Miranda, on the Fashion Studies Journal.